The concession layer: 12,500 concessions, 2,000 companies, 41 countries

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Oil geek question – how many concession blocks are there in Africa? (Answer below) Transparency has won big victories in its 15 years or so of life as a movement. EITI got going and spread to 50 countries. Companies and governments agreed some transparency was a good thing, and the national security argument that prevailed more »

OpenOil launches repository: 385 oil contracts from 54 countries, one click away

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(MEDIA RELEASE) BERLIN, Tuesday, November 11 – OpenOil and its partners on Monday launched the world’s first comprehensive archive of oil contracts. Some 385 host government contracts from 54 countries are now available with one click. The repository includes contracts which govern oil production in many countries where disclosure has largely been unknown, such as more »

Open contracts, closed models

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How Can Economic Modeling Improve Extractive Sector Governance? The potential for economic modeling to improve extractive sector governance is beginning to get the attention it deserves. Economic models are already a key tool in “behind the scenes” decision making for companies and, increasingly, for countries as well. Existing modeling efforts however suffer from two serious more »

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