Come and get it! OpenOil publishes first open API for oil rights

on May 22, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

OpenOil is pleased to announce what we believe is the first open API applied to oil extraction rights around the world: the 20,000 “blocks”, “fields” and “concession areas” (we’ll get into naming problems a little lower down) from some 69 countries involving some 2,142 unique corporate structures as operators and contractors. We hope this Application more »

Shell, BG, and keeping the lights on in Tunisia

on April 8, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

What it would be really interesting to know is: how far is Tunisia’s government aware today that it will shortly have a new business partner in keeping the lights on in the country? The announcement that Shell is acquiring the BG Group is certainly global business news. A result of falling oil prices and higher more »

Public interest modeling is the entry point, not the grand finale, of transparency work

on March 27, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

Models are powerful tools. So powerful in fact that the discussion of whether they should be unleashed into the public space has sometimes been accompanied by a discussion of the “dangers” of doing so – reminiscent of the first debates around the idea of transparency itself. General thinking has been that models are a stage more »

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