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Aleph lets you search over 2 million public domain documents filed by oil & gas and mining companies to financial regulars around the world. All documents are indexed and searchable. You can register and create email alerts to follow specific search queries, and import document sources. Our experts are ready to advice you and discuss how you can integrate Aleph in your work.

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Concession Maps

Each area is the co-ordinates of an oil or mining project. Those highlighted lead through to relevant entries in our databases on contracts, concessions, production, reserves, costs and corporate groups involved. All data come from relatively authoritative sources: government or the companies.

Financial Modeling Program

Open financial models are the natural next stage of extractives governance. We are running a free mentoring program to develop financial models of upstream oil, gas and mining projects, with the aim of creating a worldwide network of practitioners from civil society, government or private sector. Interested? Contact us!

Corporate Mapping

OpenOil is developing open data systems around corporate relations in the oil, gas and mining industries. Using interoperable data formats, clear editorial standards, and drawing on public domain data, OpenOil creates network graphs of companies, executives, assets, and the relationships between all of them.

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Subsidy bill for Argentina’s Vaca Muerta decision could reach billions of dollars

on January 12, 2017 · Leave a Comment 

Argentina’s agreement with oil companies to extend subsidies on natural gas production in the Vaca Muerta basin will cost hundreds of millions of dollars in the short-term, with the possibility that longer term the bill runs into many billions. The agreement, announced this week, says that prices for gas will remain fixed at $7.50 per more »

El proyecto estrella de shale en Argentina implicaría miles de millones de dólares en subvenciones

on November 24, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

Fuera de Estados Unidos, el mayor proyecto de shale en el mundo se ubica en la cuenca de Vaca Muerta, en Argentina. Este no es viable bajo las condiciones de mercado y suposiciones vigentes, a menos que el gobierno de Argentina esté dispuesto a mantener subvenciones en petróleo y gas de hasta 9 mil millones more »

Argentina’s flagship shale project would need billions of dollars of subsidies

on November 24, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

The largest shale project in the world outside the North America, in the Vaca Muerta basin in Argentina, is not viable under current market conditions and stated assumptions – unless the government of Argentina is prepared to maintain oil and gas subsidies of up to $9 billion. That is the leading result of the model more »

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