OpenOil in the Press

December 2018
Tax Incentives in Mining: Open for business or abuse? – Intergovernmental Forum on Mining (IGF), report

November 2018
Liza 2 sanction slips as Guyana workload grows – Upstream
Exxon’s investment decision for Liza Phase-2 delayed -as gov’t plans scrutiny of field development plan – Stabroek News, Guyana
Discussion of Guyana’s Green Paper on “Managing Future Petroleum Revenues and Establishment of a Fiscal Rule and Sovereign Wealth Fund” – Natural Resource Governance Institute, report

October 2018
Tax incentives in Mining: Minimising risks to revenue – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), report
From Open Oil to Open Everything? The 7 C’s of Using Open Models for Contract Negotiation – Center for Global Development, blog

September 2018
Modelling is incredibly important to the management of extractive resources – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), blog
The next target user group for open data movement is governments – Open Knowledge International, blog
Today in OpenGov: Tear down this (pay)wall – Sunlight Foundation, blog

August 2018
Malawi’s journey to full contract transparency – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), blog
Tax Treaties and the Mining Sector – Intergovernmental Forum on Mining (IGF), blog
Finding the missing millions – Global Witness, report

July 2018
Government Take & Spending: Navigating Guyana’s Development Challenges – Stabroek News, Guyana

June 2018
Guyana: The Country That Wasn’t Ready to Win the Lottery – Foreign Policy
Liberia: Oil Executive Questions Accuracy of Special Presidential Committee Report – Front Page Africa
What’s the deal? Evolving practices in contract transparency – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), blog
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 8 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 7 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 6 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 5 – Stabroek News, Guyana

May 2018
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 4 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 3 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 2 – Stabroek News, Guyana
Evaluating Open Oil’s Financial Modeling of Guyana’s 2016 PSA – 1 – Stabroek News, Guyana

April 2018
Exxon Sparks IMF Concern With Weighty Returns in Tiny Guyana – Bloomberg
Financial Modelling The Future Of EITI – Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI), blog
Mongolia: Where to from here? – O&G Links
Guyana will get less than one-third of what ExxonMobil’s Liza 1 oil project will generate – Petroleum World
Lopsided contract between Guyana, Exxon catches Bloomberg attention – Kaieteur News, Guyana
IMF urges Guyana to toughen deals with oil majors – Business Live, South Africa
The Mongolian Millions: What Can We Learn from the Making of a Multinational Tax Avoidance Scandal? – Center for Global Development, blog
A withhold up in Mongolia? –

March 2018
Analyst says… Oil deal with ExxonMobil could cost Guyana $$billions – Kaieteur News, Guyana
Thoughts on the renewed tax debate around Oyu Tolgoi – International Centre for Tax and Development, blog
Illicit Financial Flows, Trade Misinvoicing, and Multinational Tax Avoidance – Center for Global Development, report

February 2018
Ghana’s New Petroleum Register Features Full-Text Contracts – Natural Resource Governance Institute, blog
Open data for anti-corruption efforts in Thailand – Bringing the agenda forward – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, blog

January 2018
The case of Oyu Tolgoi and profitable tax avoidance by Rio Tinto in Mongolia – Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), report

December 2017
IMF faults the conclusion on confidentiality clauses – Kaieteur News, Guyana
Stealing Africa’s Gold – The Namibian
Global Tax 50: Alexandra Readhead – International Tax Review, blog

November 2017
How can financial models assist African governments – Mining in Malawi, blog
Mapping multinationals with open data – Ritimo, blog (French)

October 2017
Conflict arises between EITI’s need for openness and Govt.’s secretive behaviour – Kaieteur News, Guyana
Africa must close information gaps in extractive industry – The Nation, Malawi
Figures of the week: Financial modeling and Africa’s extractive industries – Brookings, blog
AfDB and OpenOil launch report on how African governments manage extractive resources – Aspire Africa
New AfDB, OpenOil report shows gaps in extractive resources management – Mining Weekly
Running the numbers: making extractives count for Africa – Trade Law Center, blog
AfDB releases first report on Africa’s extractive industry – Eagle Online, Uganda
African Development Bank and OpenOil report on extractive resources – Mining Review Africa
AfDB and Openoil Launch Report On How African Governments Manage Extractive Resources – AllAfrica

September 2017
Contract Disclosure in the Ghanaian Extractive Industries – Reporting Oil and Gas, Ghana
Measuring the Openness of Australian Listed Mining, Oil and Gas Companies on the African Continent – Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Australia, Report

August 2017
Neither law nor logic favours withholding oil contracts – Kaieteur News, Guyana
Over 50 countries disclose oil and gas contracts to citizens – Kaieteur News, Guyana
Project level reporting – let’s get granular – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Blog

July 2017
A brutal lesson for multinationals: golden tax deals can come back and bite you – The Guardian

June 2017
Inflated Expectations about Mineral Export Misinvoicing are Having Real Consequences in Tanzania – Center for Global Development (CGD), Blog
Shell payment disclosures welcomed, but with caveats – United Press International, United States
CHAD INC. – A corrupt family clan, Glencore’s billions and Switzerland’s responsibility – SWISSAID, Report (German)
Financial modelling – the next step in EITI reconciliations? – The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Blog

May 2017
No Country-by-Country Reporting? Why Not? And If Not, Then What? – Center for Global Development (CGD), Blog

April 2017
Reputable mining investors wanted in Sierra Leone – Blavatnik School of Government blog, Oxford
Kayelekera retrenches 22 more – The Nation, Malawi
Transparency in the grey area: decrypting the transparency of extractive industries – Oxfam France, Report (French)
How can ResourceContracts Help Model a Mining Project? An Example from Malawi – Natural Resource Governance Institute, Blog

February 2017
Africa: Open Data for Tax Justice – allAfrica
K19bn lost in Kayerekera Deal – The Nation, Malawi
Civic Data Initiatives –, Blog
African countries level playing field with oil and gold corporations – Apolitical, Blog
Sapin II: a very opaque transparency bill in France – Publish What You Pay, Blog

January 2017
How much does the workforce in Vaca Muerta represent? – EnerNews, Argentina (Spanish)
Labor represents only 5% of the cost of the wells in Vaca Muerta – Revista Noticias, Argentina (Spanish)
Paladin loses $387 million on Kayelekera Mine – The Times, Malawi

December 2016
How Can Mineral-Rich Mongolia Emerge Prosperous From the Debt Crisis? – Natural Resource Governance Institute, Blog
Fighting Corruption Focus of Investigative Journalism Conference in Yerevan – HETQ, Investigative Journalists
Does Open Data Really Empower Consumers? – Entrepreneur, Journal
The importance of modelling for tax discussions: show me the numbers! – Tax Justice Network, Blog
Economic transformations in the hydrocarbon sector – OPSur, Observatorio Petrolero Sur (Spanish)
Open Spatial Data Infrastructures for the Sustainable Development of the Extractives Sector – Spatial Enablement in a Smart World, GSDI Association press
Five lessons for African governments on optimising revenue from the extractives sector – Cabri, Blog

November 2016
Officially Launched: Fiscal Model Batu Hijau Mine (Bahasa) – Publish What You Pay Indonesia, Blog
‘We look forward the day that $9tr of government procurement can be modelled and analysed’ – The Open Data Institute, Blog
Open Data Awards 2016: open innovators from around the world – The Open Data Institute, Blog
CFJ staff produces Open Financial Model of Malawi’s Kayelekera Uranium Mine – Citizens for Justice, Malawi
Malawi’s Kayelekera mine needs uranium price to more than double before production can restart – Mining in Malawi, Blog
Brazil’s $90 Billion Libra Field in Trouble – Says Public Data – Alessandro Bacci, Blog
Mongolia Unlikely To Receive Dividends From Ot Until 2035, Study Says – HLBM Mongolia, Independent Accounting Firm

October 2016
Oyu Tolgoi Model and Narrative Report : OpenOil – The @Enkhbat Daily, Mongolia
Mongolian Government Unlikely to Receive Dividends from Oyu Tolgoi until 2035 – Gogo Mongolia, Business News
International Open Data Conference, extractives sector and Joined-up Data Standards – Joined-Up Data, Blog
Oil frontiers: How firms worked with UK government to get into Africa’s national parks – Energydesk, Greenpeace

September 2016
Revealed: Government backs British oil firm’s drive into African national park – Energydesk, Greenpeace
Of September 1st and Financial Models! – The Daily News, Tanzania
OpenOil seeks NEITI’s collaboration on Beneficial Ownership – NEITI, Nigeria
How to get mandatory disclosure reports delivered to your inbox! – Extract-A-Fact, Blog
British Government Backing Big Oil’s Plans For Drilling In Africa’s National Parks – MintPress News

August 2016
A Step Towards Beneficial Ownership Transparency – Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition, Blog
Beneficial ownership of extractive companies: Are we walking the walk? – African Development Bank, Blog
Chad – IMF Country Report No. 16/275 – International Monetary Fund
What You Need to Know About Shell Companies and Corruption in the Wake of the Panama Papers – Huffington Post

June 2016
Acacia Mining – Open Oil analysis brings little comfort to Tanzanian tax authorities – Menas Associates Limited
Open Data Sources for Empowering Smart Analytics – Ontotext

May 2016
Aleph shines a light on the oil industry – The Guardian, ODINE partner zone

March 2016
Course on analysis of oil and mining contracts – OPSur, Observatorio Petrolero Sur (Spanish)

February 2016
PwC: using ‘competitiveness’ as crowbar to lobby for mining cos – Tax Justice Network, blog

December 2015
Contract transparency in Mongolian Mining – Mongolia Focus, blog

October 2015
German foundation launches oil and gas almanac in Tanzania – Oil News Kenya

September 2015
New database launched for openness in gas-oil sector – The Citizen, Tanzania
Openness will help in managing oil sector – The Citizen, Tanzania
Launch of oil and gas almanac and other tools for transparency – Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Tanzania

August 2015
Open data can unravel the complex dealings of multinationals – The Guardian Sustainable Business

July 2015
Sharing Oil Information in Tunisia: Open Data is Much More About People Than Technology – Natural Resource Governance Institute
Dashboards and journalism: why we need to do better – Online Journalism Blog

May 2015
Somalia May Pay 90% Oil Revenue to Explorer Under Draft Deal – Bloomberg

April 2015
Shell, BG, and Keeping the Lights On in Africa – Huffington Post

February 2015
Five ways open data can boost democracy around the world – The Guardian

January 2015
Civic Data and Analyzing Oil Contracts – Geeks Without Bounds Blog
Doing the world some good with apps and spreadsheets – Endocode

November 2014
Group Launches Platform to Expose Secret 385 Oil Contracts – All Africa
Розпочав роботу перший в світі комплексний архів нафтових контрактів – UKRАЇНСЬКА ENERGЕТИКА, Ukraine
OpenOil launches repository – Asia Plus, Tajikistan
Oil Rush on Edgar Creek – Pudo Blog

September 2014
Opening up Business with Open Data – Computer World UK

May 2014
Risky Reserves – Project Syndicate

December 2013
How to Understand Mining Contracts – Resource Contracts Blog

April 2013
OpenOil archive to promote oil and gas industry transparency – Egypt Independent
Lifting the lid on extraction – Executive Magazine, Lebanon

March 2013
Transparency is not enough – The Executive Magazine, Lebanon
Yeni Sayt – Open Oil (az) – Voice of America, Azerbaijan
New Online Resource – Azerbaijan Oil Wiki – Turan Information Agency

February 2013
When paper fails – O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing

January 2013
Libya’s silence on oil deals a setback for transparency – Reuters

December 2012
Oil in a Week – The Misappropriation of Iraqi Oil Money – Dar Al Hayat
Open Oil wiki launched in Uganda – Twaweza
New Wiki Aims to Open up Uganda’s Secretive Oil Industry – Voice of America
Why the Anti-Corruption Movement Is the New Human Rights Movement – Slate
How to end fossil fuel subsidies without hurting the poor – Al Jazeera
O país open source – Link Estadão
Arm trotz Öl
– DRadio Wissen
Vulnerabilidad en la industria petrolera parte I – III Conferencia Anticorrupción Internacional CAAI 2012, Peru
Fighting the ‘Resource Curse’, Part 2 – New York Times Green Blog
Fighting the ‘Resource Curse’  – New York Times Green Blog
OpenOil book made with Booktype provokes open knowledge on oil industry – SourceFabric

November 2012
Introducing OpenOil – Open Economics
Understanding Oil Contracts – Special Guest Post – Uhuru Blog
Africa – Informing the People – Oil Contracts Demystified – All Africa
(reposted from Think Africa Press)
Booksprint sets out to throw light on oil contracts – Oil in Uganda
Summit of Newthinking – Open Strategies –
Myanmar: Extractives in Ten Minutes – Shan Herald News Agency
원유계약 – 이것들을 읽고 이해하는 방법” 무료 다운로드 – Economic View
OpenOil: Projekt für mehr Transparenz in der Öl-Industrie –
OpenOil – Mehr Transparenz für die Bevölkerung? – Satzgrund
Oil Contracts – how to read and understand them – Loomnie
免費資源:石油合約免費教科書下載 – Taiwan Energy Policy and Law Institute
Oil Contracts: How to Read and Understand them – Tax Justice Network
Here is to a book that did not exist a week ago – “How to understand an oil contract” –

October 2012
New resource…and a bit of self-promotion – Pipe(line) Dreams

August 2012
How 150 million people went missing in India – Al Jazeera English
Why local power and self-interest can be good for transparency – Open Democracy

June 2012
Iraq’s global oil plans and local power cuts– Al Jazeera English

April 2012
What the IMF should say and think about the global oil industry – Al Jazeera English
The IMF and oil: It’s the politics, stupid – Al Jazeera English
The resource curse: will ordinary iraqis ever see their oil money? – Niqash (also in arabic)
Certifying fair trade oil – is it possible? – video interview by Dan Azria
Chad: Oil money, hungry people – Pipeline Dreams

March 2012
Iraq fights for transparency bid – Iraq Oil Report (requires log in)
So what would an oil contracts database look like? – Ecojournalism Nigeria
Who cares about oil? – Libya Herald
The Story of Niger, or How Not to Have an Oil Boom while your People Starve – Huffington Post UK

February 2012
Corruption Currents– Wall Street Journal
Iranian oil: Out of ideas and out of cash – Atlantic Community
The missing pieces in Iraq’s first EITI report– Publish What You Pay

January 2012
Iraq’s first EITI report raises as many questions as it answers – Aswat al-Iraq

November 2011
Libya may serve as an example to other oil-rich countries – Deutsche Welle
Oil sector reform in Libya – The Majalla
Give it back! Oil and the smart citizen dividend – Johnny’s talk at TEDxBerlin (video)

October 2011
The human cost of defending Libya’s oil – Reuters

September 2011
Libya’s Missing Trillion or Why Oil Companies Will Soon Support Total Transparency – Huffington Post UK

August 2011
Oil Sanctions Against the Assads in Syria Can Work, Huffington Post UK
The Arab Spring represents a huge opportunity for EITI, EITI blog
EU must extend sanctions to Syrian oil businesses – Press release using OpenOil analysis, by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE),
Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part one, Transparency International blog
Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part two, Transparency International blog
Why the Arab spring has ages to go, The Scotsman
Did social media fuel the Arab Spring? Radio interview with Johnny West on Click, BBC World Service
Drilling for oil while Hama burns, Petroleum Economist
EU should back US in sanctioning Syrian oil, Atlantic Community opinion column
The new Libyan oil minister’s secret weapon: transparency, Comment is Free in The Guardian.

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