Understanding Oil Contracts

In late October 2012, OpenOil gathered a group of world class oil experts and professionals to jointly write a book which explains how to read the contracts which govern the industry. Borrowing a crash production technique known as a “book sprint” facilited by Adam Hyde of bookSprints.net, the group produced “Oil Contracts- how to read and understand them” in just one week.

We released Version 1 of the book just 6 days after writing began, and now, one month after production began, we are proud to bring you the formatted and edited Version 1.2, free for download. It is published under the Creative Commons license. Please sign up here if you would like to be kept up to date with evolution of the project.

As a follow up, we have now also created the OpenOil repository, with most of the world’s published oil contracts, at a click: download more than 850 oil contracts from 50+ countries from OpenOil’s repository website.

Yet, having access to contracts is the first step. Then you need to run the numbers. To improve governance, models should be re-engineered to be accessible to a broader constituency – and themselves open. OpenOil has been launching a series of financial contract models and is running a financial modeling mentorship program.

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