Oil policy

OpenOil has consulted to UNDP Iraq, Revenue Watch Institute and the Center for Global Development on various aspects of oil policy, including the issue of fossil fuel subsidies, the citizen dividend and the Libyan oil industry after the revolution.

In late 2012, Johnny attended a workshop in Tripoli hosted by the Revenue Watch Institute, where he spoke on Petroleum Sector Developments and Framework in Libya, and Petroleum Resources and Revenue Flows in Libya. Both of these presentations (in Prezi form) are below:



One Response to “‘Cite du Petrole’: A Rare Snapshot of Big Oil’s Glory Days”
  1. Greetings,

    My name is Steve Woodward and I work for the West Africa Oil Watch in monitoring contract transparency across West Africa.
    We work with journalists and affiliates on the ground throughout the region to gather information pertaining to oil contract agreements.

    I would like to know more about taking upon a franchise post for the OpenOil wiki guides. We have a significant amount of research and would like to consider opening it with a broader audience.

    Please let me know how I would approach this.

    Thank you,
    Steve Woodward

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