Oil Almanacs

Since 2011 we have been building a library of country-by-country Oil Almanacs treating all aspects of the extractive industries in producing countries across the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Our current selection extends to the countries listed below, and watch this space for plenty more to come.

Middle East:

Libya (en)Iraq (en)Iraq (ar); Iran (en); Syria (en)

Latin America:

Colombia (en)Colombia (es)


Ghana (en); Sudan (en); South Sudan (en); Niger (en); Niger (fr); Uganda (en)

And coming soon..

Libya (ar); Azerbaijan (en)



Ever wanted a book in your hands that gives you access to fully up-to-date information on the evolving regulatory framework of the Iraqi oil industry, and the legislative stalemate between North and South? Objective profiles of the state and non-state actors involved in the Libyan oil and gas sector as the country recovers from the 2012 war? A Spanish-language guide to the most prominent Colombian infrastructure projects such as the Bicentennial pipeline? Or reliable French-language material on Nigerien mineral and hydrocarbon reserves? In addition to clarification of some of the fundamental questions facing resource-rich countries, such as the “resource curse” and the impact of fuel subsidies on petro-economies.

Crucially our guides are fully referenced to reliable public domain sources, each containing hundreds of references, and adhere to a neutral point of view throughout.

The Almanacs have broad potential usage. As we “white-label” our publications, print runs can be commissioned and any guide branded or co-branded for the purposes of an event or for use in your organisation. Alternatively, we can build out guides to countries not yet covered by our range in a short time frame. Using print-on-demand services, the books could be on your desk, or dropped into conference bags, within weeks. We are also able to produce our guides in e-book form.

We have developed a flexible wiki-based bank of information on a broad range of global issues. This means we can customise our guides to cover a whole range of relevant topics. For example, you may wish to see a book containing profiles of major national oil companies (NOCs) or international oil companies (IOCs), including their complete financial, social and environmental footprint. Or you may be looking for coverage of a more niche issue, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its global implications.

All of the material used in the guides is licensed under the Creative Commons “share alike”  license, meaning that it can be used, re-used and adapted by anyone if they so wish.

Look out for our online catalogue of guides, coming soon on the OpenOil site. Until then please get in touch with Lucy at lucy.wallwork[at]openoil.net with any enquiries and we can provide you with a quotation customised to your needs. 


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