OpenOil in the press

April 2013

OpenOil archive to promote oil and gas industry transparency – Egypt Independent
Lifting the lid on extraction – Executive Magazine, Lebanon

March 2013

Transparency is not enough – The Executive Magazine, Lebanon
Yeni Sayt – Open Oil (az) - Voice of America, Azerbaijan
New Online Resource – Azerbaijan Oil Wiki - Turan Information Agency

February 2013

When paper fails – O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing

January 2013

Libya’s silence on oil deals a setback for transparency – Reuters

December 2012

Oil in a Week – The Misappropriation of Iraqi Oil Money – Dar Al Hayat
Open Oil wiki launched in Uganda – Twaweza
New Wiki Aims to Open up Uganda’s Secretive Oil Industry – Voice of America
Why the Anti-Corruption Movement Is the New Human Rights Movement - Slate
How to end fossil fuel subsidies without hurting the poor – Al Jazeera
O país open source – Link Estadão
Arm trotz Öl
– DRadio Wissen
Vulnerabilidad en la industria petrolera parte I – III Conferencia Anticorrupción Internacional CAAI 2012, Peru
Fighting the ‘Resource Curse’, Part 2 - New York Times Green Blog
Fighting the ‘Resource Curse’  - New York Times Green Blog
OpenOil book made with Booktype provokes open knowledge on oil industry - SourceFabric

November 2012

Introducing OpenOil - Open Economics
Understanding Oil Contracts – Special Guest Post – Uhuru Blog
Africa – Informing the People – Oil Contracts Demystified - All Africa
(reposted from Think Africa Press)
Booksprint sets out to throw light on oil contracts – Oil in Uganda
Summit of Newthinking – Open Strategies –
Myanmar: Extractives in Ten Minutes – Shan Herald News Agency
원유계약 – 이것들을 읽고 이해하는 방법” 무료 다운로드 – Economic View
OpenOil: Projekt für mehr Transparenz in der Öl-Industrie –
OpenOil – Mehr Transparenz für die Bevölkerung? – Satzgrund
Oil Contracts – how to read and understand them – Loomnie
免費資源:石油合約免費教科書下載 – Taiwan Energy Policy and Law Institute
Oil Contracts: How to Read and Understand them – Tax Justice Network
Here is to a book that did not exist a week ago – “How to understand an oil contract” –

October 2012

New resource…and a bit of self-promotion – Pipe(line) Dreams

August 2012

How 150 million people went missing in India – Al Jazeera English

Why local power and self-interest can be good for transparency – Open Democracy

June 2012

Iraq’s global oil plans and local power cuts- Al Jazeera English

April 2012

What the IMF should say and think about the global oil industry – Al Jazeera English
The IMF and oil: It’s the politics, stupid - Al Jazeera English
The resource curse: will ordinary iraqis ever see their oil money? – Niqash (also in arabic)
Certifying fair trade oil – is it possible? - video interview by Dan Azria
Chad: Oil money, hungry people – Pipeline Dreams

March 2012

Iraq fights for transparency bid – Iraq Oil Report (requires log in)
So what would an oil contracts database look like? – Ecojournalism Nigeria
Who cares about oil? – Libya Herald
The Story of Niger, or How Not to Have an Oil Boom while your People Starve – Huffington Post UK

February 2012

Corruption Currents- Wall Street Journal
Iranian oil: Out of ideas and out of cash – Atlantic Community
The missing pieces in Iraq’s first EITI report- Publish What You Pay

January 2012

Iraq’s first EITI report raises as many questions as it answers – Aswat al-Iraq

November 2011

Libya may serve as an example to other oil-rich countries – Deutsche Welle
Oil sector reform in Libya – The Majalla
Give it back! Oil and the smart citizen dividend – Johnny’s talk at TEDxBerlin (video)

October 2011

The human cost of defending Libya’s oil – Reuters

September 2011

Libya’s Missing Trillion or Why Oil Companies Will Soon Support Total Transparency – Huffington Post UK

August 2011

Oil Sanctions Against the Assads in Syria Can Work, Huffington Post UK
The Arab Spring represents a huge opportunity for EITI, EITI blog
EU must extend sanctions to Syrian oil businesses – Press release using OpenOil analysis, by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE),
Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part one, Transparency International blog
Digital Technologies And The Arab Spring – Part two, Transparency International blog
Why the Arab spring has ages to go, The Scotsman
Did social media fuel the Arab Spring? Radio interview with Johnny West on Click, BBC World Service
Drilling for oil while Hama burns, Petroleum Economist
EU should back US in sanctioning Syrian oil, Atlantic Community opinion column
The new Libyan oil minister’s secret weapon: transparency, Comment is Free in The Guardian.

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