Exploring Oil Data

See the first edition Exploring Oil Data: A Reporter’s Handbook, a guide to public domain resources around the industry.

“…a crisp and wide-ranging little guide to information sources on the oil industry which will be handy for any reporter, campaigner or analyst who wants to see beneath the surface. I wish I’d had it on my desk several years ago.” – Diarmid O’Sullivan, Open Society Fellow and former member of the EITI Board

“…a good overview of organisations and agencies covering the global oil and gas industry from specialist publications, to banks, to blogs. Having a quick and easy guide to who covers what, is an asset to help navigate the mountains of oil and gas data now available online.” – Therese Robinson, Chief Editor, Interfax news agency

“As a research tool, the book’s real value is as a one stop shop for data sources, reducing the time trawling the internet to identify potential leads – making it a valuable first stop for sector-specific research.” – Chris Dixon, Senior Analyst at Maplecroft

The oil business is generally – rightly – considered one of the world’s most secretive industries. Sweet heart deals with dictators, tax havens, transfer pricing, companies backing all sides in complex local conflicts just to get the stuff out of the ground. It’s all true. In spite of that, increasing amounts of data are hitting the public domain. Some of that is due to the tireless efforts of transparency campaigns like EITI and the hard work of activists all around the world. And some of it is due to the zeitgeist – we are entering the era of Big Data, which will extend to the oil industry as everywhere else.

We offer this compendium as a modest first step to helping that along. Whether it’s international agencies, bloggers, specialised media or tipsheets and investment houses, there is a wealth of data and information out there which can help journalists, activists and any enquiring mind to begin to make sense of the global ecosystem which is the oil industry. It’s never been more important.


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