OpenOil is working with Revenue Watch Institute and Global Witness, among others, to try and ensure that the change of government in Libya can lead to better management of the industry there for the Libyan people.

OpenOil conducted a field assessment to Tripoli and Misrata in October 2011, meeting Libyan and international oil executives. Based on those discussions we have been commissioned to conduct a preliminary study of the potential to create a “fair trade” or equitable certification of Libyan oil all the way from well-head in the Sahara to European petrol station, looking at the environmental, communal and revenue governance aspects of the value chain. Results will be available early in 2012.

In addition, a trip to Benghazi undertaken earlier in the year led to a chapter on Libyan oil in OpenOil founder Johnny West’s book on the Arab Spring, Karama! We have already suggested that the new government has a perfect opportunity to publish all contracts signed in the Gaddafi era, creating a global first for good governance in the industry.


One Response to “Just how much money did Gaddafi steal?”
  1. Rob Heusdens says:

    The Libyan state provided:
    * free eletricity
    * free water
    * free eeducation
    * free healthcare (inluding costs traveling and staying abroad)
    and diverse other social benefits.

    All of those benefits have now gone, since the state system collapsed.

    The US, GB, France, Germany and the Netherlands confiscated a large part of foreign Libyan deposits (in total about 1,2 trillions euros).

    They have not been given “back” to the Libyan people.

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