Oil contracts booksprint

Following the publication of “Oil Contracts – how to read and understand them” in late October 2012, produced in just 5 days using the ‘booksprint’ method, we are now working on evolution of the material produced.


Development of the project includes the following aspects:

  • Contract repository – Most of the world’s published oil contracts, at a click: download more than 500 oil contracts from 50+ countries from OpenOil’s repository website.
  • Translation – Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish ideally. Thanks to Publish What You Pay and the United Nations, translation is already underway into Arabic. French and Spanish are scheduled to follow by July 2013.
  • Training courses- we would like to run low-cost, localised training courses with the book as a basis, as a more accessible alternative to expensive, private courses held in London or Dubai, to widen the circle of people with the knowledge to make informed comments and criticism on their country’s oil contracts. The first such training is likely to take place in Africa in September 2013. We are also discussing creating a MOOC on oil contracts with a leading European university.
  • Country-specific books – would you like to see a book focused on your country’s oil contracts? We can take material from this first, generic book and then build it out to be specifically based on the contracts available from one country or specific region. Discussion around potential projects are underway for Nigeria, Uganda and Iraq so far. Using either model or signed contracts, we could use the same booksprint method to produce the first non-specialist guide to oil contracts in a country of your choice. Because we can use material from this first, generic book, we would most likely require less time than for the original booksprint; 3 days perhaps, rather than 5.
  • Joining forces with contract monitoring or contract transparency movements- how would you like to see the book used? The book has now been downloaded 18,000 times. Have you found it useful? Any constructive criticism is most welcome.

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For more information on the project, download a  two page explanatory pdf document here or a more detailed description here.

To see the booksprint participants talking about their contribution and their area of expertise, check out our YouTube channel, OpenOil TV.


2 Responses to “Oil contracts booksprint”
  1. Jon says:

    The Oil Contracts book is fantastic. I was hoping there’d be an obvious link/URL to the 8 or so contracts referred to in the book so we could take a look at the full versions – would it be possible to put these links here on your openoil booksprint webpage?

  2. Oshirama JAMES says:

    I have run through the publication and I find it very useful. as it helped me understand the primary concerns in these contracts its not just the expression of legal obligations but a mixture of technical terms married with the developmental policies of the host country. I believe this would be useful not only to lawyers and academicians alike but to parliamentarians and even chief executives of States . But can it be published also in MS format for easy download.

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