Our models

In October 2016 OpenOil brought together 12 country teams to participate in a 5-day sprint on financial modeling. This sprint was part of our Financial Modeling Program.

Here you will find the models and interviews with the modelers:

Previously, we published models of projects in:

Data sources and documentation

Rigorous documentation of data sources is critical for the robustness and credibility of model results, and we are developing standards for how we document data sources within the model, and if there remains a gap how we can fill it by making a sensible assumption.

For each of these models we provide: (1) an Excel version of the model, (2) a narrative report summarising findings, (3) the document summary containing source documents for all exegesis of the contracts and data inputs and assumptions, and (4) a separate Information Gap analysis, which classifies a series of gaps in the data and quantifies the uncertainty arising from each in terms of potential government revenues.

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