Commitment by Open Oil

Our modeling team of Open Oil commits to:

  • Provide support to partners in data gathering.
  • Provide support during [weekly] data clinics.
  • Provide direct hands­on support for data analysis and model development as resources permit.
  • Produce weekly reports per project partner summarizing all current issues.
  • Maintain all threads of conversation in the discussion board:
  • Ensure all models are comprehensively audited. Multiple layers of checking will be done:
    • Level 1: Participant swap and audit each other’s models
    • Level 2: Paweł Lont’s detailed audit
    • Level 3: Alistair Watson audits after Paweł Lont comments are implemented
    • Level 4: Report referencing audit. Every number in report traced to final model version.

Commitment from our partners

Open Oil is committing significant human and financial resources to this initiative. We will work hard to help partners go as far through this process as they want. However, it will require a serious and sustained level of commitment of time and effort by partners.

Open oil will work to coordinate, facilitate, support and cajole. However, ultimately producing publishable model and written product will be up to the partners. Beyond a certain point, if the Open Oil team discerns that the partner is not putting in the work, we will terminate our collaboration and focus our limited resources on partners willing to put the work in.

The foundation training is provided free and without commitment from partners, or Open Oil. But Open Oil is using the training to select potential partners, and filter out those unwilling to put in the effort.

Before embarking on Stage 1 we will require partners to sign a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) setting out expectations and the commitment each side is making. This will also include agreement on terms of publication and licensing of the model and narrative reports, using commonly accepted open data licensing standards. As noted above, exceptions can be made for government teams that need to keep their models closed.

Note that Open Oil will only publish on its website models and reports that Open Oil is satisfied have reached the appropriate level of professionalism​.

We hope is it self evident to potential partners the value that Open Oil is offering. This truly could be a career making project for partners willing to put in the time and effort.

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