Financial modeling program

At the beginning of the summer of 2016, Open Oil started running a free mentoring program to develop financial models of upstream oil, gas and mining projects. In this program, every participant works directly with the Open Oil modeling team to develop a model of a mining or petroleum project of his interest.

The aim of this program is creating an open financial modeling community – a worldwide network of practitioners from civil society, government or private sector, who can share tools, skills and experience, and collaborate to make extractive industry project modeling available to a wider set of stakeholders. If you are interested in participating, contact us!

By “project [economic] modeling” we mean building an Excel­-based model that recreates the past and forecasts the future cashflows of a specific mining or petroleum (oil and/or gas) project, and evaluates how these cashflows are shared between the resource owner –usually the government– and the investor –usually a mining or oil company– over the life of the project, under the fiscal rules (the fiscal regime) that apply to the project.

We divide the model development progressing into three stages, from the collection of data to modeling the economics of a project including a fiscal regime and project financing. These stages rely on a foundation of preparatory skills.

Along these stages, Open Oil support will be provided through a series of “data clinics” –two­-hour mentoring sessions on Skype with our program leaders Johnny West and Alistair Watson–, mentoring sessions and in a discussion board.

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