Financial Modelling

Since 2013, Open Oil has been developing a standardized open-­source approach to financial modeling for mining and oil & gas projects. With these, we have set out a paradigm for how modeling should be adapted for public financial management, and developed both classroom-­based and online training courses and related support material.

We have published models of projects in Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Guyana, Indonesia, Malawi, Mongolia, Tanzania and Uganda:

Since the beginning of 2016, Open Oil is running a free mentoring program to develop financial models of upstream oil, gas and mining projects.

The aim of this program is to create a worldwide network of practitioners from civil society, government or private sector, who can share tools, skills and experience, and collaborate to make extractive industry project modeling available to a wider set of stakeholders. If you are interested in participating, contact us!

In the following video, Alistair Watson and Johnny West –our modeling experts– give you an overview of this program:

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