EITI in the US: leaning on Dodd-Frank (Part 2)

In a blog post last week I asked why the United States’ implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) should be limited to federal lands, responsible for about 30% of oil and gas production, and not cover private or state-owned areas, where most US oil and gas are produced. Today I look in more more »

Wiping the blood from our hands? Assessing the Dodd-Frank Act

Our smart phones, laptops and tablets connect us to the rest of the world in all sorts of ways, yet according to the director of the film Blood in the Mobile, Frank Poulsen, we might be more connected than we care to believe: “I knew there was a war in Congo, but I didn’t know more »

Chile’s Copper Law & the ‘Miracle of Chile’: A justifiable relic of the country’s chequered past?

Tall, thin, copper-rich Chile can often appear an anomaly in South America. Rather than picturesque Andean highlands, kaleidoscopic indigenous groupings, ponchos and pan-pipes that draw shoals of Gap Year students from across the world, it brings to mind images of a glistening economic success story, gleaming skyscrapers in Santiago and a haven of stability among more »