Syria’s transit future: all pipelines lead to Damascus?

Between the rise of Hafez al-Assad in 1971 and the crisis engulfing his son’s government today, the Syrian energy sector seems to have come full circle. An oil importer in the 1950s and 60s with little production of its own, Syria became a net exporter of oil by the 1980s; it is now a country more »

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Oil companies & Syria – outlining the “Dictator Fine”

The United States applied an embargo on Syrian oil sales yesterday, and the EU has tasked its diplomatic force with drawing up similar plans for an oil embargo. But what can the Syrian opposition do? They can establish sticks and carrots for oil companies, both those currently operating in Syria and those who might in more »

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Drilling while Hama burns

As protesters die daily, and the international community mulls what further measures to take to isolate the Assad regime, it is business as usual in Syria’s oil industry and the international oil firms operating there. Within the last month, the AIM-listed Gulfsands, have announced discovery of new reservoirs and increased production while another, Kulczyk Oil more »

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Would sanctions against Syria’s oil industry be effective?

Importance of Oil Revenues Syria’s oil and gas industry is modest by global standards but it provides a considerable amount of the Assad regime’s income. According to IMF estimates, oil revenues represented between 21% and 30% of total government income in the years 2006-10, grossing $2.8 billion in 2008 and $2.4 billion in 20091. Syria more »

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