Who cares about oil?

What will it take to get Libyans talking about their oil industry? As in detail, numbers and mechanisms, not just salon gossip and personal slander. At the end of the Paving the Future Youth Forum, held in Tripoli last week by the British Council, the participants were asked to organise themselves into groups, according to more »

Youth vs Experience in Libya- we fought the war, now you rule the country?

Yesterday was the last day of the British Council led “Paving the Future Youth Forum”, which has involved 100 incredibly smart young Libyans, and around 15 more from around the MENA region, and provided me with a great reason to come back here, as a facilitator on the journalism corner. As my last trip here more »

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Why doesn’t the oil industry talk to itself more?

Why doesn’t the oil industry talk more to itself? Or, to be more precise, oil industries, since while of course it’s one global market when it comes to buying and selling, and the flutter of a butterfly’s wing in the North Sea can send Singapore futures soaring, it looks a bit different and slightly more more »

Post-Gaddafi Libya: what has changed?

I landed in Tripoli last week just over eight weeks after my previous visit there, but during that time, momentous changes had happened in Libya. I was eager to see what changes Gaddafi’s death and Libya’s subsequent official liberation on October 23rd had brought about in the capital city. News reports of rebel forces beginning more »

Why can’t we all be friends?

The very large majority of the Libyans who we spoke to last week all seemed eager to use their newfound voices to air concerns, thoughts and ideas for the future, and rightfully so. It almost seemed like they themselves were overwhelmed by their ability for freedom of speech; having not enjoyed such a right for more »

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NGO people= good, Big Oil= bad… or not

To set the scene, our trip was an assessment mission for Revenue Watch Institute, looking into transparency possibilities in and around the oil and gas sector. We decided to meet up with people from a variety of backgrounds; transparency activists, newly-established NGO workers, oil sector managers, and government officials, as well as talking to the more »

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