About us

Leading provider of financial analysis and commercial advice on natural resource assets for public policy.

Leading provider of financial analysis and commercial advice to governments and other public entities around the world. We have extensive experience of advising on asset valuation, negotiations, fiscal regimes, auditing revenues and more.
OpenOil is a company based in Berlin with a mission to create an open data framework for managing natural resources at a supranational level – because this is the only way natural resources will be sustainable in the long run. The way we build towards this long-term vision is to provide services which increase transparency and cost-benefit analysis of the industries as they are currently run.

We offer training and consultancy services to governments, international organisations, businesses and NGOs and create mechanisms and processes for managing natural resources. Such services include big data curation and interpretation, (our search engine Aleph contains 3 million compliance documents from extractives companies), and financial analysis of large oil and mining projects, where we are currently working with several governments to institutionalise a financial modeling process, based on the FAST modeling standard.

Strong partnerships, and presence on the ground, are essential to our success. Our network of associates includes senior financial advisers, economists and software developers across four continents. OpenOil's director is a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators and member of the advisory board of the FAST Standard Organisation, the organisation that protects, promotes and furthers the development of the FAST Modelling Standard. OpenOil is an open data publisher. The Shuttleworth Foundation of South Africa holds a 15% stake.