Press Release: OpenOil Launches Aleph, a Search Engine for Extractive Industries Corporate Filings

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Berlin, 4 August 2016 OpenOil, a Berlin-based consultancy, has launched Aleph, a new tool that enables government officials, journalists, financial analysts and researchers to search through corporate filings of publicly listed extractive companies across multiple jurisdictions.

At launch, users can utilise Aleph to search through more than two million documents, a database that grows in real time as coverage keeps expanding. Documents filed to main mining reporting jurisdictions such as Canada, United States, Australia and South Africa, among others, are indexed and made searchable, with direct links to the originals.

Speaking about the motivation behind Aleph, Johnny West, OpenOil’s Director, said, “Companies operate globally but report locally. It is very hard to have a view of what they are doing around the world – except, of course, if you are their shareholder or regulator.”

“With Aleph, anybody can read and analyse what these companies are telling their shareholders and regulators,” he added.

Users can search for specific companies and peruse specific documents. They can also create alerts for search items built around companies, persons and/or countries. Whenever new documents that fit the search criteria are filed, users will be notified directly by email, with links to the documents.

Aleph also indexes OpenOil’s repository of extractive contracts, making them all searchable from the same interface — and making Aleph a timesaver for anyone tracking major extractive companies.

Aleph is developed with financial support from the Shuttleworth Foundation and ODINE. It advances OpenOil’s commitment to transparency in the extractive sector, along with other offerings such as public interest financial modelling, corporate mapping, and concession mapping.

Aleph can be accessed at

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Olumide Abimbola, Head of OpenOil R&D,

Lucile Neden, Aleph Project Manager,


About OpenOil:

OpenOil UG is a Berlin-based consultancy, publishing house and training provider. Founded in 2011, the company resides at the intersection of open data and governance of natural resources, specialising in the use of public domain data for extractive sector transparency.

[PDF] Press Release – Aleph Launch

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