BP publishes Payments to Governments Report

With the coming into effect of the European directive on mandatory disclosures in the extractive sector in the UK and France, this year will see the publication of entirely new data by major players in the mining, oil and gas industries. Companies have to publish their payments to governments, the nature of the payments and their recipients if these exceed $100.000. Companies also need to disclose payment data relating to each project.

London Stock Exchange-listed oil giant BP p.l.c. has published its Payments to Government Report for 2015. According to the report, the company has paid a total of $ 15.19 billion to governments in its countries of operation. Here is an overview of the report. It shows how much BP has payed to and received from governments, which types of payments it made and how the payments compare to each other. It is a quick visualisation rather than an analysis. However, any questions related to the payments are starting points for relevant data analysis.

The report has been published as pdf on its official website. You can also find them as csv files on the Companies Hous (the UKs registrar of companies) extractives service website.

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