Oil Contracts- How to Read and Understand them- out now!

We are proud to announce that the first book about oil contracts for non-experts, “Oil Contracts – How to Read and Understand them” – is out now!

Get your free copy of the book!

It was written in a five-day booksprint by a group of corporate lawyers, government negotiators and development specialists.

Please excuse typing and formatting errors- they will be corrected in coming weeks. For now though, we wanted to share with you our first version of this living document.

What now? We are looking for organisations or people who want to work with us to take this forward. This includes:

  • Translation – Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish ideally.
  • Training courses- we would like to run low-cost, localised training courses with the book as a basis. The first step for this is building a training curriculum, for which we are looking for funding.
  • Country-specific books – would you like to see a book focused on your country’s oil contracts? We can take material from this first, generic book and then build it out to be specifically based on the contracts available from one country or specific region.
  • Joining forces with contract monitoring or contract transparency movements- how would you like to see the book used?

Your comments on the book are most welcome- please email zara.rahman(at)openoil.net .  As you’ll notice when you read it, different people’s voices can be heard in the book, each chapter of which was written and rewritten multiple times to produce this rich body of material.

We hope you enjoy it!

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