Scraping the Barrel… 16 July 2012

OpenOil’s daily round-up of voices on the global oil, gas and mining industries:

Steve LeVine guides finds some  juicy highlights among this week’s events in the world of Big Oil. Firstly the conspicuous absence of the green sector in the debate over the future of the global oil and gas industry. Secondly Tuvalu, the world’s third smallest country, aids Iran in clouding the origin of its oil by re-flagging tankers going by such innocent names as Blossom, Honesty and Precious. Finally, could Exxon’s “ultra-frontier business-making” in Afghanistan merely be a ploy to open the door to the enormous South Yolotan gas field in Turkmenistan?

Russia could be the chief beneficiary of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan’s latest squabble over Azeri, Chirag/Osman and Kyapaz fields, and hopes of a Trans-Caspian pipeline and an alternative gas corridor to Europe its greatest victim.

In the aftermath of an oil spill in Anzoategui (Venezuela), the big issue for locals is not the environmental damage but a glimpse of employment opportunities in clearing up the mess.

Tony Blair has his work cut out as his Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) begins work in South Sudan, the world’s newest nation state where 98% of revenues come from oil but where a country-wide shut-down has led to speculation that the government will run out of money by October. Discussions of Chinese influence in the new country via large infrastructure projects has led to talk of conflicts of interest, given Blair’s cosy relationships with top Chinese officials.

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