Wordmaps for two natural resource management policies

Sometimes it helps to try and picture things – literally. So here are word maps for two natural resource management policies. The first is from Tom Paine‘s Agrarian Justice, published in Paris during the French Revolution. In it, he proposes a rent on land use 0n the grounds that land naturally belongs to everyone. So no harm in private property and the landowner also owns all investment made to improve its value. But there should be a tax of ten percent on the core value of the land – to fund a universal old age pension beginning at 50, and a starting sum in life equivalent to about eight months wages for the labourer of the time.

The second is the World Bank’s “Approach Paper” for a new energy strategy it is due to produce early next year, the aim of which is basically to ask the Bank’s board of directors for a broader mandate to expand the portfolio. WBG lending in the energy sector has tripled since the low point of 2003, when it was under fierce scrutiny for its activities in the extractive industries (curiously, the Bank’s own website has a section on the Extractive Industries Review which makes their own management response to it readily available in six languages but not the original, highly critical review). The scrutiny went away and Bank lending crept up year on year. This strategy would represent the formal approval of a high profile Bank role across all parts of the energy-climate change nexus.


Word map of Tom Paine's Agrarian Justice, 1797

Introductory Paper to the new World Bank (WBG) energy strategy, 2009

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