OpenOil was founded in the belief that creative, practical and socially progressive policy making in the oil and gas industries is both vital to our collective future, and possible within current constraints. Yes, our continued addiction to hydrocarbons is a bad idea. And yes we need to get much more serious about renewables. But even more »

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Mexico’s oil reforms: transparency now or never?

on April 8, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

A few weeks ago we released the Spanish translation of Oil contracts: how to read and understand them, which we hope will bring some degree of clarity to the subject for our friends in Latin America and elsewhere. The publication is timely, coming just as one of the region’s most important petroleum producers, Mexico, pushes more »

Big Data decoding Big Oil: Nigerian corporate networks

on January 22, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

Last month in Lagos, we brought together activists from the tech and oil worlds for a hackathon on the extractive industries of Nigeria. A hackathon, in the lexicon of computer geekery, is what happens when people pool their research, programming, hacking skills to solve a problem or investigate a particular subject, sometimes over a period more »

What does an oil well look like from space?

on December 14, 2013 · Leave a Comment 

This is what a small oil well in the Niger Delta looks like from space. Strange, isn’t it? We can’t see the rig, and in fact the most prominent feature from above is the produced water reservoir. It is a satellite well feeding into this gathering station, known as the “Ogabe Base” – which is more »

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