Putting open data all together – the Tanzania pilot

on July 28, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

For the past year, OpenOil has researched various aspects of open data on extractive industries. First we looked at corporate mapping – creating a network map of BP’s 1,200 subsidiaries across 84 countries with our colleagues at OpenCorporates. Then, with PWYP in Canada, we searched systematically for contracts disclosed by companies, which led to the more »

Why include private entity contracts in a governance database?

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If you’re interested in public governance of the extractive industries, why bother with so-called “auxiliary” contracts, those between two private entities? In a word, because they may be useful. The third edition of OpenOil’s contract repository contains over 100 contracts relating to oil production in 30 countries. They include sales agreements for oil and gas, more »

Repository 3rd edition release – 723 contracts from 72 countries

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We are happy to announce the third edition of the contracts repository, with 200 new contracts and 18 new countries. The repository now totals 723 contracts from 72 countries. One feature of the new release we are excited by is the inclusion of what we call “auxiliary” contracts – those signed by two private oil more »

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